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Company building With 30 years of experience in the made to measure market, a well recognize leadership in custom made preparation and distribution areas, the constant research of unique construction details gives birth to a new brand : Steelnovo.
Our technical team is regularly in contact with our local and international commercial partners and thanks to this strict collaboration Steelnovo is able to translate the most complex needs into workable solutions.
Even though we are known for the construction of large systems our "artisan" approach and flexibility ensures that we can also manufacture small systems too.
Our approach is to be as close as possible to customers who want the best in attention to detail, aesthetic, safety in the work place, ergonomics, efficiency, but above all with the maximum attention to the hygiene aspects.
Our site is only able to offer a small taste of what we are able to make but, at the same time, we are confident that it will stimulate some new ideas and solutions. We invite you to enter our site and make contact with us.
Tops with high thermal power.
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